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The Luncheon that launched a movement…November 26, 2016, Alexis Brown and Ariel E. Neal hosted a luncheon comprised of 12 multicultural women from within the Chicago Bar Community. These women came together to share their experiences within the industry, discuss representation, inequality issues and the lack of mentorship/leadership from people of color. In an attempt to build a safe space that allowed us to openly discuss these issues, network with one another, and uncover educational opportunities the Causing A Stir Facebook Group was born.

Creating this platform to educate and support each other we encouraged members to post and highlight local seminars, workshops, and events. Word of mouth traveled quickly about the group amongst other hospitality professionals and that organically grew to a diverse community of over 800 established and emerging hospitality professionals in search of a more inclusive and resourceful industry.

We now host over 1.3k hospitality professionals from all over the globe. Causing A Stir has filed as a non-profit organization seeking 501 c 3 status. This will facilitate more interactive workshops, scholarship programs and educational opportunities to underserved areas and highlight underrepresented individuals of the hospitality industry.



Diversify the hospitality industry through educational and career driven programs. Causing A Stir focuses on engagement, empowerment, collaboration and mentorship.



Increase diversity, leadership, and mentorship within the hospitality industry.

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Build and empower generations of diverse, educationally acclaimed and multifaceted hospitality professionals.



Service is what we have to do. Hospitality is what we want to do. Educational programs with career path development. Empower by providing resources, a platform to connect and support for the hospitality industry Mentorship that supports 75% underserved hospitality professionals that get overlooked and underrepresented and 25% of the public or community.

How we #GetInvolved and #KeepGoing CAS encourages the hospitality industry by listening and understanding how to nurture inclusive working environments, and the people that encompass them. We support the success of the bartenders in our communities by highlighting their hospitality career achievements. We work strategically with other organizations to add value and create community for all hospitality professionals.